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Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

One of the most exciting things about moving to a new home is picking out paint colors. The color of each room makes a statement, and this statement should be a personal reflection. How do you choose which colors you should choose?

  • Take stock of any wooden fixtures in the home. What is the undertone of the wood? Will your paint compliment or accent the wood?
  • Accent walls can give the illusion of larger space. Consider what color you can deal with day-to-day, and find a darker shade that will accentuate the room.
  • Emphasize original crown molding or built-in book cases with contrasting paint, but make sure that the contrast isn’t too displeasing to the eye.
  • Do you want to connect all the rooms with a common theme? Consider using the same color in different hues.
  • Darker shades will widen narrow or small spaces, so take a shade that you like and go five shades deeper.
  • Paint a swatch on your wall before hiring professionals to see how the color looks during different times of the day.