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The Importance Of Commercial Space

  Updating your office or commercial space is crucial for many reasons: it is the first impression for potential clients, it is often a second home for employees, and regular upkeep will prevent future costs, to name a few. It may not seem like your commercial space needs a lot of improvement, but ask yourself […]


Winter Color Trends 2015/2016

If you have been considering home makeover, take inspiration from seasonal changes to use as your color palette. Crisp, warm orange foliage and sharp, stunning cranberries provide a beautiful backdrop and design encouragement. Paint colors inspired by the Fall and Winter seasons will last a long time and go well with practically any décor. Benjamin […]


The Best Colors For A New Look

   Spring is officially here, and though Easter is over, the holiday is affecting other style trends. If you enjoy looking at the pretty dipped eggs, you will be pleased with the new color trends.   Shimmery Pastels: Shimmery, shiny high gloss paints are big right now. Silvery lavender and cool tones of blue. Think […]


The Importance Of Deck Refinishing

When people envision a painting company, they often only think of residential and commercial paint, but there is a lot more to it. Companies like Ozzy’s Painting take care of things like deck refinishing, varnishing, and any insurance repairs that are needed. You may think that refinishing your deck is an easy, do-it-yourself project that you can […]


The Hottest Paint Trends For 2015

  As we quickly approach the New Year, many people are searching for ways to change their lives. Luckily, change was the constant theme in the 2015, and the change is good.  The first color trend for 2015 is the vibrant blue of the Mediterranean, Greek blue. This shade is rich and regal, and it […]