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Winter Color Trends 2015/2016

If you have been considering home makeover, take inspiration from seasonal changes to use as your color palette. Crisp, warm orange foliage and sharp, stunning cranberries provide a beautiful backdrop and design encouragement. Paint colors inspired by the Fall and Winter seasons will last a long time and go well with practically any décor.

Benjamin Moore says that several color combinations inspired by the colder seasons are popular with interior designers this year. Mustard yellows and deep browns are paired with icy cream tones, and pear greens are matched with charcoal grays. Brick red and cranberry shades go well when paired with Benjamin Moore’s Soft Chamois(a beautiful creamy beige) and Almost Black.

Stormy looks are popular in paint right now: gray blue, slate gray, wheat beige and silvery whites. Cayenne pepper and cantaloupe go surprisingly well with deep mulled wines and chocolate paint tones. Light turquoise and dark navy shades are now being put together with beeswax yellows and wheat shades.

For 2016, coral and pink are on the trend horizon, along with deep bronze and sea foam greens. Plum is still forecast to be big color in interior design next year, with a focus on grayish, dark purples. Now is the time for exploration with paint colors, both exterior and interior, so do not be afraid to take chances. Your walls make a huge difference in the overall design of your home, so pick colors that you really love, and we will do the rest.

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Larger With Paint Colors




We all have that one room in our homes that we don’t know what to do with, because it is too small or oddly shaped. Instead of ignoring that room, and putting off the inevitable, tackle it now with these simple painting tips.

Here are simple painting tips for brightening and lengthening your room:

- Paint two walls a much darker color. People have the misconception that darker colors will close a small space, make it stuffy, but it actually gives the illusion of space.

- Try Benjamin Moore’s Super White, if you like clean spaces and can’t commit to a color. The brightness of this shade will liven up any room, and you will never have to stress about matching decor.

- Paint your walls a deep, glossy gray and paint your crown molding a stark white or light lavender. Using a contrasting color on crown molding or the ceiling to accentuate your small space.

- Cool paint shades, with an undertone of blue or green, make the walls recede and small spaces seem larger.

- One painting technique layers glazes on top of each other, giving the wall depth.

- Use bold colors in an elaborate way, in every room, and that will give the entire house a certain flow and depth. Paint a door red and the walls blue, and make the kitchen or living room a part of that flow, by using a contrasting color.

Whatever color you decide on, hiring professionals will take this project to another level. We at Ozzy’s Painting understand spatial relations and color schemes, and will work with you to create an amazing new space.

Hiring the Right Painter for your House Painting Needs

 Choosing a painter is an important and stressful task, it should not be taken lightly. The personalization and customization of your home is in the hands of someone else.

When getting estimates from painting contractors beware of very low bids, for this a sign of inferior product. The difference in top quality paint can be the difference of $20 a gallon, but that small amount of money can account for the durability of your paint. Top quality paint not only looks fantastic, it lasts a lot longer than sub-par paint. Ozzys Painting uses Benjamin Moore, the most durable paint with superior coverage in the marketplace.

There are different types of paint: matte, flat, semi-gloss, pearl and eggshell. What type you choose depends on the amount of shine and durability you want from your paint. Certain kinds of paint are only used for faux finishes. Whichever type of paint you choose, Benjamin Moore is the best option.


Benjamin Moore Paint:

  • has a commitment to providing the most environmentally safe paint
  • offers unlimited color selection
  • is spatter resistant
  • is mildew-resistant
  • stains wash off easily
  • is extremely long-lasting
  • makes for easy touch-ups


The professionals at Ozzys Painting will help you choose which type of paint will work best in your home. Good luck!