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The Best Colors For A New Look


 Spring is officially here, and though Easter is over, the holiday is affecting other style trends. If you enjoy looking at the pretty dipped eggs, you will be pleased with the new color trends.


Shimmery Pastels: Shimmery, shiny high gloss paints are big right now. Silvery lavender and cool tones of blue. Think of the prettiest Easter basket, and envision those colors on your wall.


Bold is Beautiful: This year the theme seems to be bold and bright colors. Think primary colors, green like grass and red like tomatoes. The new twist on this trend is mixing and matching the primary colors through interior design.


Brown all Around: Dark brown is classic in interior design, but now the color is having its day in house paint. If you can’t commit to such a strong color all over your walls, consider painting trim or have your painting professional try large stripes.


Silver Goes Beyond Jewelry: Benjamin Moore debuted Silver Fox, a stylish cool tone that will really open a space. Varying shades of silver give a room chic and sleek beauty that will pair well with any interior design.


Lilac is Back: Many shades of purple, from deep plums to light lilac, are having a moment right now. Interior design trends show many different layers and shades of purple, often in the same room. Purple has been shown to improve moods, so feel free to indulge.


As always, accent walls are still appearing in interior design, but now the focus is one dark wall. We at Ozzy’s Painting look forward to helping you execute your vision.


The Importance Of Deck Refinishing

When people envision a painting company, they often only think of residential and commercial paint, but there is a lot more to it. Companies like Ozzy’s Painting take care of things like deck refinishing, varnishing, and any insurance repairs that are needed.

You may think that refinishing your deck is an easy, do-it-yourself project that you can do on your own time, but there are many steps involved in the process. If you have an older deck or patio, you will need to have the old stain removed first.

An old deck or patio that hasn’t been refinished suffers from crackling, warping, and nail popping, and these things become much worse over time. Hiring a company to power wash your patio beforehand will ensure that your stain doesn’t fail. An intense cleaning will remove dirt, rust, grime and other blemishes, creating a blank canvas for your new finish.

If you live in an area that has a lot if wet weather, you will need to have your deck refinished more frequently. This also applies to a deck that is used a lot, as wear will put stress on the stain. It is also important to have a professional consult before you make the decision to refinish, because your patio may need more work than you thought.

When searching for professionals to refinish your deck, look for a company that takes their time, with close attention to detail.

The Hottest Paint Trends For 2015

residential paint 

As we quickly approach the New Year, many people are searching for ways to change their lives. Luckily, change was the constant theme in the 2015, and the change is good.
 The first color trend for 2015 is the vibrant blue of the Mediterranean, Greek blue. This shade is rich and regal, and it works really well in the dubbin of living room. In other popular blue shades we see cool light blue hues trending.
  Plum is major in the upcoming year, and Benjamin Moore is carrying all the new purple shades that are making a statement. Caponata is a luxurious deep purple that is perfect for a bedroom. The gray undertones in the new purple shades by Benjamin Moore allow for design flexibility. Check out Portland Gray for a very pale gray with lavender undertones, perfect for kitchens or bathrooms.
 If you are a fan of the 80′s style, you will love the new paint trend that highlights pastel colors. This trend will only pull the best parts out of the pastel pallet that was so fashionable back then. Think turquoise, orange, and purple combinations.
  The 80′s flashback may be too much for your taste, especially if you’re more a fan of beige walls. Kick your neutral into third gear with the light shades of gray that will be popular in 2015.
  Pink, green, and aquamarine are having they day, with hues layering, with a mixture of light and dark. Think country house in the spring for inspiration.
 Whatever color trend you do choose, leave it to seasoned professionals to execute your vision. Ozzy’s Painting will take the time and care to create a beautiful look that will last for years.

The Importance Of Exterior Paint

When planning a home remodel, do you take into consideration the outside of your home? Often when a person upgrades the design of their home, the forget to include the exterior paint. It can be easy to neglect the upkeep of exterior paint, but the condition of said paint can make a huge difference in curb appeal.

Many home-buyers judge the exterior of a home harshly, because they consider a poorly maintained home to be a costly hassle, not a wise investment. The inside could be newly remodeled and upgraded, but a house with cracked paint can very easily be overlooked.

Other reasons for maintaining the upkeep of your exterior paint are:

– It can protect your home against the elements: The cold weather months can bring harsh storms that can cause severe water damage.

– Mold and mildew prevention: Paint technology has come so far that exterior paint can provide the strongest, safest mold protection.

– Protects your interior air quality: Low VOC paints emit fewer “volatile organic compounds” into the air as they dry, protecting the air quality for the entire house and immediate surrounding area.

Whichever way you decide to go with your remodel, don’t forget the importance of your exterior paint. We will walk you through the entire process, making sure that your house gets the attention that it deserves.

The Importance Of Color Psychology

When you want a boost in mood, what is the first thing you search out? Is it a certain soundtrack, book, movie or fabric? Changing your mood can be as simple as walking into a different room. Have you ever wondered why most salons use the same neutral tones, or why some dentist paint their walls blue? There is a definite color psychology, and choosing a certain color can really set a mood.

A common misconception about the color red is that it incites anger or irritation. If that were the case, so many restaurants wouldn’t chose it as the main color in the dining room. Red has been shown to increase liveliness and energy, which is helpful when you want to boost patron’s appetites.

Red’s cousin pink is being seen more and more in contemporary remodels, and for good reason. Studies have shown that bright pink can be soothing. Pink is said to conjure feelings of joy and romance, even though bright pink can be hard to stomach on a daily basis.

If you have a room in your house that is used strictly for relaxing, you should explore shades of green for the walls. Green has been shown to have a serene, calming effect, which is perfect for a library or family room.

Surprisingly, some experts do not recommend using yellow as a main color in a room. For some people yellow can generate warm and fuzzy memories of their childhood kitchen, so it may work for them. Yellow can actually elicit feelings of frustration and annoyance.

Whatever color you choose, allow us to assist you with our professional staff of residential painters. We believe in quality, and strive to consistently satisfy our clients.

Painting Services we offer our clients in North Jersey

Choosing a contractor to complete your exterior or interior painting, it serves you best to find someone who has a long-standing reputation. Ozzys Painting has been in business since 1990, serving New Jersey with a solid background in customer service.

One of the most important things to consider when painting is making sure that your home is lead-free. When you hire a professional like Ozzys, one that is certified to determine the existence of lead, you are taking the extra step with the safety of your home.

If you have a project that you would like to tackle but unsure of how to start, ask Ozzys if they can help. They have enough combined experience to handle your painting needs, however complicated they may seem.

Ozzys Painting offers:                  Exterior House Painters Wayne NJ

  • Stain/Varnish
  • Custom Exterior Painting
  • Trim/Siding Repair
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Insurance Repairs
  • House painting and staining
  • Scraping and sanding of all peeled areas
  • Wallpaper removal and installation
  • Custom interior painting jobs
  • Carpentry and handyman repairs
  • Caulking and Sealing


Ozzys Painting will clean up after themselves and replace all furniture back to the original position. It really takes the weight off your shoulders when you don’t have to worry about draping everything yourself, or having to deal with a colossal mess when the job is finished.

With hours of operation being 6 am-9 pm Monday through Saturday you can rest assured that you will have a staff available to you when needed. Ozzys Painting never rushes a job, pays attention to the details, and stands behind their work.